The Distracted & Drowsy Driving Solution

Drivers who use Alertness.Pro

  • Know when not to drive
  • Prevent collisions and illness
  • Enjoy productivity and well-being

Alertness.Pro provides you the two key ingredients of fatigue management: risk assessment and well-being education.

Track your vitals and get Alertness.Pro assessment of your vitals' evolution so you can make an informed decision of when not to drive. Meanwhile you will learn how to maintain well-being and increase your productivity.

Fatigue has a real cost to you in collisions and illness. Save that cost, improve your performance and maintain your health with the help of Alertness.Pro.

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Here's how it works...

1. Drivers take three vitals once per day (respiration rate, blood pressure/heart rate, waist/calf ratio) and capture them in the app. The entire process takes about three minutes. Watch the video for a real-time demo.

2. Alertness.Pro analyzes driver vitals evolution and provides drivers with a risk assessment that allows them to make an informed decision on whether to drive or get help when needed.

3. Alertness.Pro delivers a gradual, constant and solid education about fatigue management, well-being and productivity. This education includes the North American Fatigue Management Program curriculum and additional updated topics on the latest scientific evidence on well-being, alertness and driver productivity.

4. This education enables drivers to make practical and gradual adjustments to lifestyle habits. None of the education involves buying magic, pills, expensive equipment, special diets, special exercise programs or any other product.

4. Using Alertness.Pro, drivers conduct a study of themselves: Drivers track their vitals, make adjustments to lifestyle based on your new knowledge of what has been proven scientifically to make a difference and then evaluate the results by confirming if it actually works on them.

5. If it works, you will realize the savings in increased productivity and live healthy enough to enjoy those savings. If it doesn't work, you can cancel anytime. The only risk is not managing fatigue.

NOTE: Drivers will need a body measuring tape and a blood pressure monitor which can be purchased at a local pharmacy or elsewhere online .

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